Jonathon Coachman use of “AT” Incorrect Grammar

Jonathan Coachman “Coach” subbing for Mike Greenberg today on Mike and Mike ended a sentence with “at”.  “This is where the Redskins are at.” Bad grammar Coach, you are on TV, please provide a better display of the English language. Better grammar would have been “This is how things stand presently regarding the Redskins nickname issue. ” When you use word “at” to end a sentence it is a dangling preposition.  The Correct Grammar Usage of At  can be found “at” this link.


Best Resource for Animal Crossing Signs Information

Animal Crossing Signs serve an important role in protecting wildlife and humans through education. Animal Crossing signs also promote animal wildlife awareness and have been used indoors as well as outdoors to provide interesting creative home decor.

Animal Gifts

b099b-cheetahcrossing83b6f-butterfly-gardens-crossing-signIf you are searching for an animal crossing sign whether it be for deer, ducks, horses, cows, dogs, cat or harder to find armadillo, dolphin, goat, opossum, mountain lion, lobster, monkey, raccoon or wolf one of the best resources is the Animal Crossing Signs blog by animal theme gift specialist Steve Forrest. Here there is in depth information about where they are made, what they are made of, how they can be displayed and creative ways they have been utilized for outdoor animal safety or indoor imaginative home decor.  For colorful animal crossing signs a great destination is the Animal Crossing Signs at Animal World page. Here animal lovers can find in addition to the crossing signs noted above they can also find bat, bear, bee, bird, bobcat, buffalo, butterfly, chicken, crab, dinosaur, dragon, dragonfly, eagle, elephant, elk, flamingo, fox, grey fox, frog, giraffe, gorilla, grizzly bear, blue heron…

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Visit new Animal World Online Website

animalworldonlineanwoFor consumers who are familiar and feel more secure shopping on Amazon or on an Amazon Webstore I have developed an animal and pet theme gift store Animal World Online. Currently I am offering wildlife animal, dog, cat and horse pet theme gifts that are made in the USA. They include categories in throw blankets, doormat welcome mats, throw pillows, t shirts, sweatshirts, dog collars, dog leashes, dog cookie jars, earrings, crossing signs and keychains. With the Animal World Online Amazon Webstore consumers can be at ease shopping since they are familiar and feel secure shopping on Amazon.  Many of the items featured on Animal World Online are made by Animal World. These include the dog collars, dog leashes, dog t shirts, dog sweatshirts and select wildlife animal t shirts and wildlife animal sweatshirts.

The Great Ones Make It Look Easy


Kelly Clarkson Makes Singing Look Easy It is Overlooked That She is one of the Greatest Singers of All Time

Whether it is sports, entertaining, actinig or politics the great ones make it look easy. Fortunately for all of us the great ones were born with special gifts that they were able to develop so all of us can be part of and enjoy their special gifts.

Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video Web Site Specialist

steve-forrest-writer-video-photography3.jpgIf you are looking for a writer for your business, I offer constant content for Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and WordPress. Every business needs to keep their customers up to date on new products, developments and trends in their line of business. In addition, Websites cannot be created and left alone, they require constant updating to remain relevant. The following is a listing where I look forward to helping your website search engine optimization business.

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Month of March Lion and Lamb Fun

lion stuffed animal plush

Lion Plush Stuffed Animal

March should be everyone’s favorite month. It marks the end of Winter, but, more importantly it is the beginning of Spring and with it comes very welcome warm weather. This warmth does not come without paying a final price in high winds at the beginning of the month of March followed by much calmer times at the end of the month. To exemplify these two periods of weather the beginning of the month with its high winds is represented by a Lion. In contrast the calmer times of the end of the month are represented by a Lamb. To enjoy this change in the weather I wrote an article about how Lion plush stuffed animals and Lamb Plush Stuffed Animal Toys can make this more fun. The month of March Comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb. For classrooms the Lion and Lamb plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures provide hands on fun and best of all an actual point of reference for understanding the weather symbolism for which they represent.
lamb stuffed animal plush

lamb plush stuffed animal

Gifts Store for the Alaskan Malamute Dog Lover

alaskan malamute mug

Alaskan Malamute Mug Porcelain Rosalinde

If you have an Alaskan Malamute or know someone who owns one you might want to get familiar with the Alaskan Malamute Gifts Store items available from online animal and pet theme gifts specialist Animal World. Since the Alaskan Malamute dog breed is less well known than some more popular dog breeds and for this reason the selection is not as broad. Despite this challenge there is an Alaskan Malamute t shirt, mug, a shot glass, pewter keychain and a letter holder organizer for dog lovers.